What is creative entomology?

Creative entomology is a discipline I have formed* out of two of my greatest passions – studying insects and making art. The main body of my work involves insect biodiversity surveys, bug-centric learning experiences for all ages (including Heritage in Schools workshops and outings), and art and design with a focus on all things six-legged.

This blog is a little side project or notebook. It’s an attempt to crystallise little droplets of my swirling ocean of thoughts on biodiversity and the human condition into something meaningful to others. It combines my experiences in wildlife research with instinctive creative exploration in an attempt to bring people back in touch with our natural habitat and each other.

*I have found just one other reference to creative entomology online, in relation to an award which “recognizes creative entomologists who have demonstrated the ability to find alternative solutions to problems that significantly impact entomology”. As the only person who claims the job title of creative entomologist, I’m pretty sure I win this.



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