Bees? BEES?!

My favourite genre of joke has for many years been the bee joke. Bees?! Bees. That is to say that I have laughed loudest and longest in my life at these sweet moments in comedy:

  1. When Eddie Izzard was covered in bees
  2. When Manny ate all of Bernard Black’s bees
  3. When Gob Bluth announced his business plan to sell bees as gifts, and Arrested Development flew with it right through to Season 4, like true gentlemen honey farmers.

On the day of her wedding, my dear sister looked at me and her best friend and said, “What was I thinking when I put you two messers together as my bridesmaids?” As we began to proceed gracefully down the aisle, a bumble bee flung itself out of my bouquet and the uncontrollable giggling began…

Bee roundabout.jpg

Today, while scouring the internet for an excellent joke I once heard about IMDb, I came across a fellow named Tem Blessed, who has a more serious but equally eloquent message for us about these precious insects. Heed his wise and catchy words.




5 thoughts on “Bees? BEES?!

    1. Bee-rilliant suggestions!!! How could I forget Eric!?

      And a new bee joke for me! It reminds me of an old favourite of mine:
      Why is a cat if it jumps? Because one of its legs is both the same.


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